Now, what kind of a webmistress would I be if I have 
a handle like "IceWolf" and nothing on wolves 
themselves? Sheesh! So, here it is, a page with various 
things I've come across, but mainly been given on Wolves. 

I couldn't have gotten this section underway without the 
time, efforts and help of Gwen. So many thanks sis, I 
really did and do appreciate all the patience you have shown
and most importantly, the time you have given to this endeavour!

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy the following pages!

WebMistress of the ORIGINAL Jim Dotosn Webpage

Wolf Galleries

Click the picture to go to the various life pictures
I have been given of wolves. There are various colours
and kinds, so enjoy the wonderful diversity of these
amazing animals.

Click the picture to go to pictures of wolves that are digital, as well as painted pictures of wolves. These are my personal style preference of pictures. One can really tell that the people who have created them have done so because they truly love, honour and respect these creatures, and that really comes across to me in this area of art.