My track record on updates are REALLY bad, I know, but I am going to make a conscious effort on this site, especially if things go the way I am hoping they will. if all goes well at home and at work, any page updates or changes will be listed here with direct links to those things. I will also post notes about things here like--no updates or whatever :)


SEPTEMBER 19, 2000

okay, okay...i've done some, and just not listed them :)

latest updates:

added a new branch off of the music section..our take on 
the atlantic canadian wrestling tours. Go to the music section
on the main page and click the link on that page, or go
directly there by clicking: MUSIC
AUGUST 14, 2000: WOW! LONG TIME BETWEEN UPDATES! hehehe let me see if i can cover everything that is new! ADDED a new section to support Jim's work. Click HERE
for more information. :) ADDED page four to KABILLE'S Personal Pics Page. Lots of new pics from the july 29, 2000 house show in pittsburgh. Keep scrolling through the pictures until you get to page four and the new ones are at the end! Direct to page 4
ADDED pictures from Midnight (middie) from the same show in pittsburgh (and of her and Kim's adventures in the hotel later) in page two of The Den Page Two
hmmm...what else? :) ADDED: a new MUSIC SECTION
This section will include links to various artists I enjoy, as well as lyrics to some of my favourite songs. MANY MANY MANY MANY thanks to Jade and ~dville for all their help with this endeavour! i'm most grateful to them for their help and time and efforts! :) well, I think where it has been so long in between updates, that you should jkust go ahead and skim the page for all the new stuff yourself. OH YEAH! ADDED: a few new links to the non-wrestling links page. Other links
Okay, so I'll try to be more consistent with the updates, even though I do list them on the main page when they get done :) Enjoy! Feel free to send feedback anytime to: IceWolf
and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! APRIL 7, 2000 Well, a small update!:) Finally put some pictures up in the wolves section. there are two parts to that page..a live pics section and an artwork/generated pictures section. please pop over and take a look :) tell me what you think! Wolves Pics Page
Added another contributed picture to the den, thanks to Diane. The Den..contributed pics to the page.
hopefully more to come soon....hahahahahaha.... MARCH 12, 2000 Added: The Den
The Den is where pictures that people have scanned and want to share with us here at the page will be put up and proudly displayed. Check back often for new ones :) Added: Mountain View
Here is where you can climb up and look out onto some AMAZING sights that other creative folks have been able to create. It is the new Digital Art section. Please email me if you have anythign for the above two new sections that you would like to contribute to. Thanks. Also updated in a skeletal form: Moon's Howl
The place where you can go to find links to things that are not wrestling related. Check it out and let me know what you think! thanks! Added Pictures from the Feb27/00 No Way Out PPV and Feb 28/00 Raw is War from new york's MSG to: KABILLE'S Personal Pics Page
FEBRUARY 29, 2000 Here is a list of what the new link title are: The Pack is for Other wrestling fansites. The Lair is where the galleries can be found. The Mountain Ledge is the information on the Jim Dotson Fanlist. Moons Howl is teh place where you can find the other non-wrestling related links. hope that helps..more will be available soon. UPDATED: The Pack--Other Wrestling Fansites
of pics from the Jan 31/00 Raw in Pittsburgh. At the bottom of the page is a special surprise, so scroll all the way down, and give it lots of time to load becuase its a huge page with lots of big pics. Thanks! :) FEBRUARY 1, 2000 I had updated KABILLE'S PERSONAL PICS PAGE
with pics she got at the January 31st Raw in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. JANUARY 21, 2000 FINISHED KABILLE'S Personal Pics Page (3 galleries) to date. To view, please go: HERE
JANUARY 13, 2000 Added: Gallery 1,2, 3 and 4 (finished for now) Jim Dotson's Galleries
JANUARY 10, 2000 Added another interview with Jim done by Cody Monk of Dallas News: INTERVIEWS SECTION
JANUARY 9, 2000 The First updates to the page are as follows: INTERVIEWS SECTION
Added two magazine articles featuring Jim. One has a GREAT Picture! Added a referral system on the first page. More Updates soon! :) IceWolf