Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the 
part of the page I've called The Den. Here is where 
I'm going to put up personal pictures taken by other 
fans who have kindly and graciously sent them in to 
be put up and shared on this page.

Please, rememebr these are PERSONAL pictures of others.
Please, do NOT use them on your own pages without the
expressed written consent of the owners FIRST. Please
email me regarding this situaion. Thank you.

I am going to try to set up different sections eventually,
if there are enough pictures to do so, but for now, the
thing I am doing is just grouping the pictures
accoriding to who is in them. Obviously, the bulk
of the images here will be of Jim Dotson, but I am also
putting up ones of The Undertaker, Kane and whomever 
else I live the pictures of. :) The joy of being a
webmistress! heehehee

If you have a picture you would like up on the page, 
please feel free to email me about it:
The easiest thing would be to email me a scan of the
picture as I don't have a scanner myself. Feel free to 
email me even if you do not have the picture scanned. 
Perhaps we can work something out. :)


Personal Pics submitted from Various Live Events

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to send me
scans of your personal pics of Jim and others. I 
appreciate the time and efforts. :)

Please, keep in mind these are PERSONAL pictures and these
are NOT to be used anywhere else on the net without the
express written consent of the owner. Please email me if
you have any questions regarding this. Thank you.

From SYBLAYDE. An autograph session of undertaker in New
Jersey. Copyright SYBLAYDE 1999. Used with permission.

From TAKERDIVA. At a house show. Copyright TAKERDIVA
1998. Used with permission.

From KITTY. At a show in 1999. Copyright KITTY 1999. Used
with permission.

From DARKHAG at a show in Indianapolis March 7, 2000.
Copyright DARKHAG 2000. Used with permission.

From DARKHAG. A show in Indianapolis, March 7, 2000.
Copyright DARKHAG 2000. Used with permission.

Picture taken and copyrighted by DIANE. Jim and Diane's friend Tanya on Jim's Birthday in Montreal. Used with permission.

From Midnight. A show in Pittsburgh. Used with Permission. Hey Middie....Hope we can do another show again sometime!! *HUGS*

UTsAthina's Personal Pics

Thanks you to UtsAthina for sharing wiht me her pics. 
Also, thanks for supporting the list. :)

Please keep in mind that all of thse pictures are her
PERSONAL property, copyright Athina 1998 - 2000 and 
are used here by permission. Thanks.


UT'S ATHINA'S Personal Pics From an

Do you want to see MORE of her pics from this Autograph session? 
Please click HERE
for 8 more pictures from this autograph session! ALSO NEW: UT'S ATHINA'S PICS FROM WRESTLEMANIA 2000!!! (Thanks so much for the latest Jim pics. I get to see him in a whole new light! heehehee) The UNDERTAKER at the AXXESS Autograph Session. PLEASE.....remember....these are her PERSONAL PICTURES that she has so graciously let us post on this page. Why don't we try to keep them personal and NOT post them on other webpages without her expressed WRITTEN consent. Thank you! Are you interested in seeing the rest of the pics she took of Taker at Fan AXXESS 2000? If so, please, click HERE
to go to the next page of pictures! ALSO NEW: Pics of Jim at the hotel, Wrestlemania 2000 weekend: Well, now the world can see what the right shoulder tattoo is. Enquiring minds have wanted to know! :) All I have to say is....PLEASE, Jim, GROW BACK THE HAIR!! PLEASE!!! :)

Becca's Personal Pics

Thank you to BECCA for offering these pics to me 
to host on her behalf and to Kim for scanning them
for me! :) ENJOY!!

So you like these pictures so far? 
Would you like to see more of Becca's pictures? 
If so, please, click HERE
to see more from Becca's Personal Pics Collection! It is WELL worth the peek!