A Very Special Request For Support

Hello. Thank you for visiting this special page. 
This is to inform you of a very special request.

At this time, Jim Dotson, Head of Security for the
WWF, has asked for support from his fans. He has requested
that fans write in to the WWF, and let the WWF know that
his work is appreciated, and that he has a fan base all of
his own. Jim would like his fans to let the WWF know that
he is indeed noticed, and is an important part of WWF
television, live events, and Pay-Per-Views to the viewing

Jim has asked us to let you, the fans know, that he would
appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to write
the WWF a note, telling them how you enjoy his work at the shows, 
how he is important to the audience, (in attendance, as well
as at home) and how you would like for him to not only 
continue being shown on television, but that you would also
like to see him get more involved in the storylines and 
angles. Jim has been involved in a couple of the storylines
in the past, most recently in January as the Big Show's
Royal Rumble witness, but, all the precious angles that had
included him were quickly dropped, and so therefore, was Jim's
airtime. It would be appreciated if you could let the WWF
know how much you, as a fan, enjoyed those few times where Jim got 
to be in the ring, talk on camera and be involved in the 
storyline. Let the WWF know that you would like to see him
in this on-air capacity again, and that you'd appreciate more
of it and on a more regular basis. Let them know that you would 
like to see his character and his presence expanded, and how you
would love to see him grow more as a character.

I want to stress that this is NOT intended as a "letter writing
campaign" against the WWF. It is NOT intended as a way to barrage
or swamp the WWF with letters. It is NOT in any way meant to be 
a hateful thing. If you do choose to send a letter, please, make
sure it is one of SUPPORT. Support of Jim and his work and his
presence, that there is no bashing, downing, or knocking the WWF
in any way at all. No one, including Jim, is upset or mad at the 
events as they have unfolded. Jim just wants to let the WWF in 
on the secret he knows....the fact that he has fans who love 
him, love his work, and want to see more of him on the screen
and in the ring.

If you choose to take Jim up on his request, and feel compelled
to show your support, you can do so in one of two ways:

You can hand-write your letter and send it to the following

Jim Dotson
Security Director
1241 E. Main Street
Stanford, CT

Or, if you prefer the more modern way of doing things, and hand-
writing a letter, licking an envelope & stamp, and sending it in
the snail-mail just isn't your thing anymore, please, feel free
to email your letter of support. You can send your letter to:
I will print them all off, and they will be forwarded promptly. We realize that it is more convenient most times for fans to do things via email, so we are making this an easy, and available option to you as well. Whichever way you feel most comfortable with, please, take the few minutes to do so. It will be very much appreciated by Jim. I will try to keep passing along any updates, if there are any regarding thissituation. If there is anything further in requests or news, you will certainly be notified. I want to say thank you in advance to those of you who do decide to write or email their support. I know that Jim will appreciate the time and effort you make in showing your support for his request as well. Let's hope our efforts give Jim what he needs to allow him to do more of what he wants to do in the WWF. I also want to personally thank Jim for wanting to use this as his forum for his request, and for trusting Kim and I to do this on his behalf. I also want to thank Kim for her tireless work, support, and promotion, not only of Jim, but also of me and this page. Most of all, I want to thank her for her friendship over the past year and a half. Thank you all for your time. If you have any questions, feel free to email me about it HERE
, and I will try to answer you as best as possbile. Thank you. Sincerely, IceWolf Webmistress of the Original Jim Dotson Webpage