September 1, 2000 Dallas News article, by Cody Monk:

The shakedown: Professional wrestling report 
Tip for fans: Keep an eye on the security guy 


By Cody Monk / Special Contributor to 

For fans at WWF events, predicting what is about to happen
in a match doesn't require any advance Internet surfing. 
Simply watch the big man in the hat. 

WWF Director of Protective Services Jim Dotson, a former
Mr. Tennessee, provides security for all the company's 
performers. He is most closely associated with The Rock and 
Stone Cold Steve Austin. He is also a fan's best chance at 
figuring out where a match is headed. Dotson is always where
the action is. 

Dotson, 6-0 and a chiseled 260 pounds, is involved in 
pre-match planning and stationed ringside at almost every
event. He will work more than 300 WWF events a year. During 
Sunday's SummerSlam Triple Threat match with The Rock, HHH 
and Kurt Angle, Dotson's position in the arena signaled the
three wrestlers' next move. 

"We take a lot of things into the crowd now, much more than 
we used to," said Dotson, who will play a lieutenant alongside
The Rock in the upcoming "Mummy 2." 

"Our crowd is pretty good. But, then again, you'd probably 
be good too if you had a guy my size yelling at you to 
stay back."