The Rock's Special Edition WWF Magazine October 2000
Reflection's on "The Rock"--
"Toasting the Champ" Page 62:
(Contributed by) Jim Dotson:
One thing that people might not know about The Rock, 
is that despite his fame, he has remained a real 
class act. Let me give you an example. We were doing a 
book signing in New York last January. It was bitter 
cold and there was six inches of snow on the ground. 
Despite this, there was a line of fans six-city blocks 
long who were waiting for autographs. Well over 2,000 
people hoping to be one of those who would get inside 
and see The Rock.
As we were standing there getting ready to start the 
session, he signaled me to go out into the crowd and 
look for select fans. He is very, very pro-active when 
it comes to taking care of his fans who has disabilities. 
I walked through the snow, looking for any fans with 
disabilities, so The Rock could take care of them first. 
That'll tell you what kind of guy he is. Besides doing 
that, he stayed an extra 45 minutes so that he could meet 
with more fans who had been standing out in the cold. 
Because of this, he was 30 minutes late for his next appointment.