After discussion over the holidays, Jessica and I came up 
with a handful of predictions for the WWF for 2001. 
(DISCLAIMER: Please, keep in mind of course, it's done 
completely tongue in cheek, and anything that comes true 
is simple shit-house luck!):
We predict for January, that the Goodfather will return to 
his Godfather character, but, in the process, realizes that 
the ho's aren't doing a good enough job anymore. He decides 
he can do better, and takes matters into his own hands. 2001
sees him coming out in skin tight python print dresses, complete
with 4" patent leather heels, and topping the look off with a 
feather boa. His popularity goes through the roof, and the "HO 
TRAIN" never chugged along better!
We predict that in order to save his movie star face, The Rock 
will have to under go reconstructive surgery after breaking his 
nose in his wrestlemania match. The result? The surgery makes 
him look like Gangrel, and all movie deals and contracts are withdrawn.
We predict that Hunter and Stephanie will become parents in 
June of 2001 to the next baby Grinch, complete with adorable 
green skin and fur accessories! The parents will be 
understandably proud, and will show off their pride and joy 
every show.
We predict that in July, Budweiser Beer makes Steve Austin 
their offical commercial spokesperson. The only problem with 
their plan is that they agree to pay him with beer, not cash,
which leads to him drinking all their profits, forcing the 
company into bankruptcy.
We predict in early September, that Jim Dotson goes missing the 
same place and way Meat did back in 1995. I also predict that 
the same way as Meat, no one notices in time to save him!
We predict in October, the Undertaker needs reconstructive 
surgery after breaking his nose, and goes to the same plastic 
surgeon as the Rock. Soon after, Taker gets all the movie deals 
Rock lost, as the surgeon finally finds Rock's face.
We predict in December that Al Snow will come out of the closet 
and reveal he's the real Santa Claus!
Jessica predicts that IceWolf and Jim Dotson will meet and 
talk to each other face to face. The most amazing part about 
that, is that everyone lives to tell about it after, and are 
in one piece! (Icewolf's note: She's simply hysterical, 
isn't she?!)

Here's hoping everyone has a safe, happy and healthy 2001!!
icewolf and Jessica Rabbit ~copyright~ Dec 31, 2000

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