This is the place on the site where you can find 
links to various other things that I am interested
in besides wrestling.

I want to say up front that I have no sweet clue
as to whether or not Jim is interested in any of
this stuff, or whether or not he would endorse
it, or whether or not he would even want it included
as a series of links on this webpage. But, as I said 
earlier, these are things that I am interested in, 
thanks for the most part to my mom, who was always 
reading things on astrology, superstitions and such,
as well as a couple of friends I had in Halifax, who
got me interested in the more spiritual side of things
in life and who got me interested in Tarot, divination
and fortune-telling. I've been blessed to have people
around me who had open minds and hearts!
So, I thought I'd put them up for me.

If you are not interested much in Astrology,
Tarot cards, Fortune telling, Divination of
any sorts, Spiritualism of various kinds,  
etc, then go no further.

Most of the following links have to do with such 
topics. I am not endorsing their uses or validity.
I'm just putting up some resources for people
who may be interested in them to check out for
themselves. Peruse them if you'd like, 
or, simply return to:
Main Page
Feel free to email me about this page, or anything else you see on the site at: IceWolf


The best, and most comprehensive site on the net
in my opinion is: Jonathan Cainer's Horoscopes
Also good places to hunt around for online horoscopes is:

Online Divination

This has to be my favourite place to go and play online. Love the stichometry section. The biorhythms section is neat too. Also included are sections using i-ching, runes, tarot, yes/no and bibliomancy. Check it out, and have some fun! Another lovely place to check out is: Matrix Oracles
They also offer a wide assortment of Divination Tools to answer your questions. Also included here are Fortune cookies, Screen savers and Astrology compatibility.

Online Tarot Readings and other Tarot Resources on the Web

Jason Lynn's
Tarot Lesson Page
Laurie Cabot Homepage
I was able to visit her shop in Salem, MA when I was there in March. Very neat place. I was very taken with the stones and crystals she had. Not much in jewellry there, but what she had was also very nice. She is the "Official Witch of Salem" and I encourage anyone who is going to be in that part of Massachusetts to check out her store and Salem in general. It is a neat little place! Llewellyn's Web Tarot
A site by renowned New Age publisher Llewellyn where you can get a reading done instantly and FREE online. Nancy Garen's Quintessential Tarot Page
Salem Tarot
Again, direct from Salem, MA. Only visited the site once. You can order decks online if I remember correctly. Tarot Magic
An interesting site. Again, only was there once. Tarot Planet
Another interesting site. TarotSpace1
I only went there once, but you may find some interesting things for yourself there :) Us Games Systems
The official website for US Games where you can find the latest and greatest decks and games and order them online. A MUST SEE!!! A great online resource for those who don't have ready access to decks.