Digital Artwork

Thanks for climbing to the top of the mountain. I hope 
you take a few minutes to really stop, enjoy and truly
appreciate the view. The Mountain View is the place
where I will put up pieces of artwork (mainly digital)
that folks have sent along that they want to share. There 
are some very talented folks who have allowed me to display
their work, and to them I want to say that I very much 
appreciate the time and efforts I know they have put 
into these and all of their work! Keep it up! I don't have the computer ability, or the imagination, so once again, I 
get to live viacriously through others for this. :)

Enjoy, and feel free to give feedback on the works listed
here and anything else on the pages! :)


Artwork By Athena

Thanks to Athena I have the wonderful tribute banner
for the page. She is a very talented lady who gives
much time and effort to helping others who are not 
as fortuneate to be able to have the software to create.
She has a wonderful imagination and is able to really get
her ideas across well. So i thank her here for her time
and efforts in helping me and I thank her for allowing me 
to use some of the other artwork she has created!

Created by ATHENA for exclusive use on this page ONLY!
Copyright 1999.

Athena's first image of IceWolf. Created for the exclusive
use by IceWolf ONLY! Copyright 1999.

Created and Copyrighted by ATHENA. Used by Permission.

"IceWolf" as created by Athena for use exclusively by IceWolf.
Copyright 1999.

Digital Artwork by Various Artists

I would like to thank all of the folks who have taken
their time to create to share with the rest of us.
You are all more talented than I will ever be and you
deserve much credit. I hope you all realize how much
you are appreciated, even if it only by little old me :)

Created by STORM copyright to her 1999.

Created and Copyrighted by STORM. Used by permission.

Created by KANIKE. Copyright to her 1999.

Created by MARTA. Copyright to her 1999.