Thanks to a few differnet folks 
who set me onto THIS picture and 
article, most notably dville and 
Midnight. Many thanks ladies! :)

The pictures (of which I only 
have one) and the article (which 
is abbreviated on this page, so
only the parts referring to Jim 
are posted) were found in the 
February 2000 Issue of Metal Edge 

Hope you enjoy! Some interesting 
tidbits in this one! I love the 
fact that Jim gets more billing 
and press time then the wrestlers 
mentioned! :)A REALLY NICE surprise 
for me when I read it!Hope you
enjoy it as well.

IceWolf, Webmistress

"Zakk Wylde, his Black Label Society bandmates, Jim Dodson
(my note---i think they are spelling it wrong, i am just 
typing as they have it written here folks!) and WWF Superstars 
Chris Jericho (front and center--his 'Metal is Jericho' column
appears on pg. 62 of this issue), Edge (front left, green shirt)
and Christian (between Edge and Jericho, red shirt)."

Here is the picture they are referring to:

(IceWolf's Note---Talk about top billing! heeheehee!! 
He was mentioned above the boys....:) :) :)I LIKE it!)
..........lots of story, then this:
"Brutality? Try the World Wrestling Federation on for size,
where the Black Label Society spent their Monday night at a 
live taping of WWF RAW at the Continental Airlines Arena in 
East Rutherford, NJ. The event gave Wylde an opportunity to 
catch up with Jim Dodson, the head of security for the WWF 
and a long time BLS associate----Dotson's brand of 
"Outlaw Security" fits the Black Label credo, and helps the 
270 pound bodyguard in his day-to-day duties protecting the 
WWF heavyweights including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock
and The Undertaker. Dotson (this time spelled correctly! ROFL!!
not good on proofreading...or a typer like me typing up this
article! :)) Dotson is considered "a real piece of business"
(IceWolf's Note Here--HUH?!? What is THAT suppossed to mean?)
--but Wylde is leaving his mark, as well. At the August's 
Pay-Per-View event Summer Slam, the guitarist lent his hand 
to a hard-core match between the Big Boss Man and Al Snow by 
holding the Bossman down so Snow could pummel him with 
Wylde's wallet chain.  With Black Label strengthening their
ties with the WWF, don't be surprised to see the band looming
large at future WWF events....."
Interesting...anyways, also on the second page is another
picture of Jim, this time with Zakk.
Zakk appears to be an interesting guy! LOL! When I find the
pics, I'll post it.
IceWolf, Webmistress