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The Mummy Returns ... and The Rock Helps Him Out
Fri, May 19, 2000 06:35 PM EDT 

Earlier this week, IGN Affiliate Coming Soon! 
reported that Universal took out a big two-page ad 
in Variety stating: 

In exactly one year from today. He will rise again.
T h e   M u m m y    R e t u r n s
May 11th 2001 In Theatres Everywhere 
Ah... thank you Universal, that's a huge improvement 
over the lame working title of Mummy 2; numerals in movie 
titles are pretty uncreative. 

As we previously reported, Universal began shooting the 
film this month and WWF superstar The Rock was going to have 
shoots in Paris and Morocco. Well, yesterday on's 
Byte This! online radio program, they interviewed The Rock 
and he was asked about the film, which he said he was on 
location for last week. 

The Rock began with an description of his character, the 
Scorpion King: "I start off as a babyface in the movie (which 
is a good guy), and of course I wind up sellin' my soul to 
the god Zabub if he would grant me my wishes of retribution
on the army that defeated me and the hundreds of thousands of 
my army men. So the god Zabub wound up granting me that wish and 
I wound up defeating the army, and he then proceeds to take my 
soul." (We're not sure about the spelling of Zabub, but that's 
what it sounds like he says.) Overall, this sounds pretty cool. 

The Rock is ready to lay the smackdown
on Fraser and the rest of those babyfaces.
He goes on to give a rather interesting view of the plot, stating "And then I return later on in the movie to fight off 
all the babyfaces -- I return as the hero in the movie, fighting 
off Brandon Fraser, he's one of 'em, and of course Oded Fehr, 
he's the other one, and the rest of the babyfaces. So I come 
back half-scorpion, half-man." One wonders if The Rock got to 
improv a little and let the bad guys win a few times, with this 
kind of talk. :) 

A little bit later on, he states that "Anytime you get a chance
to lay the smackdown on Brendan Fraser, you can't help but do 
so." Hmmm... I think know quite a few people who would agree 
with that statement. (Personally, I happen to like quite a bit 
of Fraser's work... as fun, popcorn-eatin' flicks.) 

The Rock was then asked about the scorpion half of the Scorpion 
King -- is it all special effects or make-up? It sounds like it 
was a little bit of both... 

He first talked about the effects, stating that the film is 
using Industrial Light & Magic, "which is the absolute best in 
computer graphics. ILM did Mummy I and the special effects were 
just incredible. In part II, ILM is taking care of the 
half-scorpion part of the role." I'm sure many FilmForce 
readers would tend to agree with The Rock's view of ILM, and if
you're one of them, you might want to check out what else is on 
ILM's plate right now. 

A little later on, The Rock talked about the make-up for the 
role, saying that the make-up sessions were "3 hours long, every 
single morning. It's all Rock from the waist-up... it's
basically all me, just with long hair." 

And it sounds like the shooting was rather intense; The Rock 
stated that he "had a 2 AM wake-up call every single morning,
worked till 6 PM at night" and that he "got maybe 2 hours of 
sleep a night, but it was well worth it." He went on to say that he "was right in the middle of the Sahara desert, which [has], 
at 6 AM in the morning, as the sun rises, some of the most 
pristine and gorgeous sights you will ever lay your eyes on." 

Sounds like a nice place to be... but apparently the heat in the
desert was a bit too much for everyone, including The Rock 
himself: "It was 130 degrees. I took Jim Dotson with me, for my
security ... He suffered from heat stroke; I suffered from heat
stroke. Basically, the whole cast and crew did as well -- you 
can't help it, being out there in that weather, all day long." 

If you want to hear The Rock talk about it all himself, you can listen to the Byte This! webcast here. If you want to skip the wrestling stuff and get to The Mummy Returns info., go to around the 21:30 mark.