Jim Dotson with his "Favorite Lady" Kabille (Kim)

I am so honoured to play host to 
at IceWolf's Pics Page (though, this one
has been SERIOUSLY modified!) I am 
honoured to know her, and to call her a 
friend. I hope you enjoy her pictures 
as much as I have. Please remember though 
that these are her PERSONAL pictures and 
it is NOT okay for you to put them on your 
webpage in any way, shape, or form! It 
would be like someone taking  pictures out 
of one of your photo albums at home. It is 
a violation of her personally and me 
professionally, and we BOTH ask that you 
respect her property and do not take them 
and use them yourself. We welcome you to 
come back here and visit often--as many 
times a day as you would like--but please, 
please, respect the rules, the person, her
property, and the copyrights. Feel free to
email me with your questions or comments at:

The Webmistress

Now, I'll let Kim explain things her way. :)

Hi there.....My name is Kim and these fella's 
are my hobby. When I am not working, chasing 
after kids, or playing bingo, I am usually on 
their trail. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Some people ask me, "Doesn't your husband 
get mad?" my reply is, "Who do you think
takes the pictures?!".....We both love the 
sport---it is our vacations---we have just 
been very lucky. 

I love the Deadman and Jim Dotson.....They 
are two very special fellas. They are 
The Wind Beneath My Wings
. I was once told by another WWF star, "You have 1-in-a-million odds of ever getting close to The Undertaker."......Good odds..... When I go play bingo, I take all this Undertaker stuff for luck.....bear, action figure, etc......well, the other night we were not winning at all. I picked up my UT bear and politely told him "If we do not win pretty soon, YOU WILL STAY HOME AND I WILL BRING STEVE AUSTIN!"....Well, needless to say a few minutes later, we won the $thousand dollar$ prize......the next week we won $250 and Steve Austin is still at home....Good odds... Rest In Peace..... Kim Now, onto the pictures :)

Her nephew and Scott Hall
Her nephew and Hulk Hogan
Her nephew and Gldberg
Her nephew and Jeff Jarrett

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