These are the pictures I screen captured with WebTV from 
the January 31, 2000 Raw in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
There are a couple of nice tattoo shots (though he still
only gives a hint of them) and yes, it was confirmed
that he was as bald as Steve Austin under that cap that 
night. Talk about one extreme to the
other! ACK! :) In my humble, yet, ever present opinion, 
the bald look doesn't work so well for him. Please, Jim, 
grow it back!! QUICK!! :)

Hope you enjoy. At the bottom there is a special surprise. 
Please give the page time to load as these are big pictures.
If you have any questions, or if the surprise isn't working, 
please, email me: IceWolf

BUT    WAIT    ICEWOLF!!!    What    about    the    surprise?!


Well, here it is. I was able to get a wav file of what 
he said as a witness to the Big Show's Royal Rumble loss. 
Click the link if you want to hear it. Not bad for the 
only time (I think) he's spoken on air! It 
sounds almost like he is trying to keep that beautiful 
Tennessee drawl out of this speech, but, lucky for me 
it slipped in there a little bit!! :) :) :) Well, enjoy, 
and give it full time to load! Thanks!

Jim tells it like he saw it, as
the Big Show's witness for his 
Royal Rumble protest. Jan 31, 2000 Raw.

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