My name is IceWolf and I thank you for 
visiting the page! I hope you find things 
in order and easy to browse.

I wanted to make a page to recognize one of 
hardest working men in 
the World Wrestling Federation. His name is 
Jim Dotson and he is Head of Security for the 

I know that he is supposed to be in the background 
and that he likes it  way, but, he does one hell of 
a job for the wrestlers and for the fans and he 
needed to be  saluted for that. This is my small 
token, as I try to do something for the man who 
travels when hardly anyone else does, who since 
February 1998 has been at nearly every T.V. taping, 
PPV and House Show scheduled, the majority of autograph signings/appearances and keeps the paperwork going 
at Titan! With and through all of that, he takes time 
for proper treatment of the boys and of the fans. 

I myself have not met Jim yet. (That is my own fault 
I guess when looking back on things) But, have had the 
opportunity to speak to people who have met him, and 
they all tell me the same things. He is genuinely a 
nice guy. A real southern gentleman. He makes time for
people and takes an interest in everything. I have also 
had the priviledge of meeting and making friends with 
Kim and her family. That has been the best spin off in
all of this. I want to take the time right here to say 
"THANK YOU KIM!" Thanks for all your time, chats, info 
and patience :) You never fail to make me laugh or at 
least smile. Thank you for your help on all things. 
You do things without being asked and you do things 
when asked without question. That still amazes me. 
Thanks for your help on this page and your support 
in my endeavors with it. I encourage everyone to click 
on her page of pics as well as her notes. She is one 
hell of a lady and I can truly understand why she is 
Jimmy's favorite :)

A HUGE thank you goes out to ATHENA 
whose effort and support on this page
is more appreciated than I am sure you realize! Thanks
to her creativity and unselfishness of time and trouble, 
we have some WONDERFUL custom graphics, including the 
banner and the IceWolf pics. Many thanks sis! *HUGS* 

Thanks also go out to ~dville for help with the lyrics
section, as well as alerting me to some of the pictures
and info/articles around the net that she spotted whilst
cruising the net. Much time, effort and patience on her 
part ahve been put into these pages, and for that, I want
to thank her very much. I also want to thank her for her 
friendship, her eyes, and ears, and her VCR tapes! LOLOL!
Thanks for keeping me up on the latest happenings. All the
best to you, always. Thanks also for keeping me laughing.

Another thank you goes out to Lashana. You've given me 
reasons to smile when I really didn't want to. Thanks
for the eyes, ears, hugs and tears. You are too kind!

The biggest thank you of all goes out to Jessica Rabbit. I
wouldn't have made it anywhere without you. The "Terrible 
Trio" is now a "Terrifying Twosome", but I'm enjoying it
so much more. Then again, with mother around.....we are a
trio once again. :) Your guidance, patience, help, 
understanding and friendship is something I don't think 
I could ever do without. Looking back on the past 7 years
and realizing all the things, ideas, places, and people 
you have shown to me and let me fully experience, well, I 
know I would be no where near the person I have become without
you or your guidance. Halifax will never be the same again.
The legacy lives on in Moncton and Halifax! Beer's for 
wimps...TKO's are for the women! Love ya!

The last, but certainly, not the least of the 
"Thank You"s goes out from me to Jim. Thank you 
for giving me a reason to keep watching wrestling. 
Thank you for being there for all of the 
guys out on the road. Thank you also for taking care 
of the fans while you are out on the road. Watching 
you with the kids is heartening. Thank you 
I know I've scared the hell out of you, and I totally
understand. Perhaps we will truly meet somewhere.
Please remember to take care 
of you out there as well. 

Enjoy the page everyone! Feel free to email me anytime.

March 5, 2001
Happy Birthday shout out to Jim! 

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I wish you the best birthday yet, and hope that the coming year is the best, 
brightest, happiest, and healthiest to date! 

Remember, you are, and will be missed. Take care, always.

March 4, 2001

Well, it's been a while since I've done anything around here,
now hasn't it? 

I just realized I didn't post anything on the page about Yoko,
or his passing. Several reasons for that, mainly, because I
really had no idea what I wanted to say. I still fon't, but,
figure I've let it go for too long already.

Yoko was a one of a kind guy, as anyone who has spoken on his
untimely passing has already stated. A gentleman, and a 
sweetheart. It pains me still today to think he is no longer
lumbering on this earth, enjoying people, places and things, 
and other people can no longer enjoy him. 

I know that it meant a great deal to some friends of mine how
kind and gentle he was. I know that there are things that many
will enver know and understand, but, Yoko, you couldn't have 
been a better person to give the news about Joey. Your compassion
and caring really meant alot.

To Yoko, we're sorry we made you go to the "Twilight Zone" 
so much. but, it was fun just the same :P We also hope that
he got you that Heineken he owed you. If he didn't, make sure
you extract payback now, and then, get him when he arrives to. heheh
In fact, share a few with Joey, and Gorilla. Gotta keep them
happy too! And please, you, Joey and Brian keep the ribs coming!

Always fondly remembered. Truly missed.
The Halifax Girls.
NOVEMBER 18, 2000

Folks, the wolf is tired. I'm ready to curl up in 
the lair and go to sleep, never to wake up again. In
light of this, I have decided to put a temporary 
suspension on this page. That wasn't as hard for me
to do as I thought it would be. Simply because, I 
hadn't been doing any work on the page for a while now. 
Over a month as some had reminded me. I guess there 
are several different reasons for that, the main one 
of course, being that Jim just isn't one who emenates 
news at a regular pace. If there isn't anything to post, 
I can't make it up now can I? 

Anyways, on with other issues. I've decided to put 
another time-line up to the barre. The last one
worked to the most hysterical points, so we'll see
what putting up a new one leads me. Probably no where, 
but, we'll see. 

I've decided to give this page until January 15th, 2001
to see whether or not I will keep working, or putting
time, effort and care into it. I'm looking for a couple 
of specific things to change and happen on or before
that time. One thing already has happened, and that is 
all well and good, but, I'm greedy. What can I say? :)
I will take the time between now and then to decide if 
I want to keep it as is, modify it, work only on certain 
sections, or delete it altogether. I'd like to keep posting 
personal pics, work a bit on the music and other interests 
stuff, but, I may have to decide to can all that as well. 
Needless to say, it is hard to have a page such as this up
and keeping up to date when things are backgroundish. Also, 
the holiday season is my second businest time of year at 
work with the concerts, pageants, recitals, etc, etc, etc,
and I have a hard time keeping everything straight on the 
best of times, so, unless something drastic happens, I've 
decided to take this factor out of the equation until the 
classes stop for the holidays, until I work on me and make
me less tired of it all. Then, I'll start back to work on 
the fun side of my life.

Though, I don't have to justify my actions, decisions, 
or lack there of to anyone, I thought I'd post about this
just the same. Perhaps eliminating questions that need not
be thought or asked. Nothing bad has happened, I'm just tired.
I need to work on my real work, and I need to work on me.
Or, the wolf really will end up going into the lair and not
be able to come back out.

JULY 4, 2000

Okay, so The Undertaker has returned. I have heard
many different thoughts and ideas on his return
and have kept the thoughts and ideas mostly to 
myself up until now and even now, I am only putting
a few thoughts and ideas up on the subject. My thoughts
on this will not be popular ones I am sure and you can 
feel free to email me your bitches, but I want to make 
sure that everyone realizes that this is the way I see
it and you can all kiss my royal ass if you don't like it.

Undertaker has re-emerged with yet another new twist
on the "character" of the Undertaker. He has shed his skin
and come back with a new look, a new attitude. Good for
him. You don't like it? You miss the creepiness? You miss
the darkness? You don't like the talk, or the humour? Gee, 
that is too bad. If you don't like the way he looks now, you 
don't like the way he acts now, or if you don't like the way
he talks, or the humour he's showing, I sincerely hope that
you don't ever meet the man...the man so many on the net 
prefess to love and adore. Why? Becuase the man you love and 
adore...mostly the Undertaker of old is the character. You 
think he loves and lives the "darkside"? You think he is 
spiritually connected to you because he lives with paranormal 
abilities? He has none. Get over it. 
The man you see now is as close to the real man. If you don't
like this new change in the "character", then do yourself a
favour and stay away fromt eh man outside of the ring.

If you don't like it, you won't like him. Plain and simple.

I congratulate Mark for changing the character again, and 
making it into something more practical and easy for him. 
I hope that the fans start coming around to it more, and stop
giving the grief and shit that I have seen going around.
I have seen the molting of The Undertaker over the years, and
I know the impetuses behind the morphing, and it is so good
and refreshing to see this latest incarnation. About time.
Stay happy.

I love the fact that he isn't giving two shits about 
the fans. Good for him. He needs to do what he needs
to do, to stay, and survive and hopefully, thrive. I
really hope that all these "fans" start realizing this 
and get their heads out of their asses, and start seeing
that this change is, and was, a necessary change, and that
he can't go back now to the Undertaker of old, nor should
any true fan ask him to.

Fact is, he is not superhuman, fact is, he does NOT have
any supernatural powers. Fact is, he is human, and hurts
in humanly ways. All the time. Fact is, he doesn't know you
EXIST and you are not connected to him spiritually or
psychically. He doesn't come and speak to you in your
dreams to give you special messages. Fact is, he is working
INJURED. STILL. And going out there busting his ass
becuase he WANTS to, not becuase he feels a need to please
"his fans". Get over yourselves! You don't like the new 
Taker? You are in for a surprise. I think that any "REAL FAN" 
will start to see this now. If they don't understand any 
or all of this, then see your local psychiatrist and get 
yourself checked into the local insane asylum. You need help
and, for your sakes, I hope that you figure it out first, before 
you run into him and he has to tell you.

April 19, 2000

I am sure no one wants to hear me rant on and on 
like I normally do, but I wanted to post this up
on the page somewhere, so here it is. I have been
told "you can't get something if you don't ask 
for it", as well as "becareful what you wish for
because you just might get it." Well, mine is a cross
between asking and stating. Like I said, I'm sure 
no one really cares what I am about to say, but I am
hoping that it gets to the right places somehow.

I am sick of the product that the WWF is putting out
right now. I have not bothered to get a PPV in 5 months 
and I have no intention on wasting any more of my hard
earned money on one until the product becomes closer 
to what is is suppossed to be...and that would be WRESTLING!

As a life long wrestling fan, I can not understand, 
condone or like what is being promoted now as wrestling.
What is being put out there for people to watch is 
nothing more than a glorified peep show. The actual 
amount of wrestling is next to nil and the talent that
they have in the federation right now of technical 
wrestlers is at an all time high! Why? Becuase they 
don't want to lose any of the new fans who started 
watching when they went to showing more T&A and when 
they started to jabber on for 25 minutes at a time. I'm 
sick of it and I have set a timeline for myself.

Also, included in that time line is another important 
thing (to me).

There has not been a live show in Atlantic Canada for 
almost 2 years. I find this unacceptable. We were 
stalwarts for the wwf in the lean years before their boom.
In the early 90's there was a show every 4 to 6 weeks. 
We were the first place outside of the USA to host a live
Raw telecast. We have hosted several otehr television 
tapings before that. Why suddenly do we not exist on the
map? Why are we good enough to keep your pocketbooks 
lined through the hard times but not good enough to swing 
around in the gold rush? Why are our arenas gfood enough 
to hold your television tapings and Raw's live a mere 4 
years ago, but we are not large enough to merit you coming
through. Saint John, New Brunswick has a brand new arena.
Halifax's Metro Centre has made large renovations this 
past year. They are good enough for some of the world's top 
acts, but not for the WWF? Spare me.

The best part about wrestling for me always has been and
always will be the live events. I have been attending 
live events since I was 4 years old. The past 3 years I
have had to travel out of the damn COUNTRY to see the WWF. 
I have spent entirely too much money on doing so when they 
should be remembering who they will want to come back to when
the boom dies.

So, my point? My point is the timeline. A timeline for 
myself and for the WWF. Like I said, they probably don't 
give two shits what my timeline is or the reasons why, but 
I'm hoping that they realize it is just not me. They should 
realize that I am speaking on behalf of the wrestling fans 
of Atlantic Canada as  whole, who I can tell you would sell 
out 3 days in each city and are frothing at the mouths for 
some live action. 

But, I again digress. My timeline is September 1, 2000. 
If the WWF doesn't bring a live event or two or three 
back around our way on or before Setpember 1, 2000, then 
I will stop watching completely. I can not afford to 
indulge my passion of live events by busting my bank
account to go get my fix and going elsewhere. I am also
giving the WWF till september 1, 2000 to bring their product
back to where it should be..and to make it a wrestling show 
once again. The talent pool they have at their fingertips 
now is incredible, but if you are going to waste it on jaw 
jakking and Tits and Ass with a little degredation of women 
thrown in there, then I'm out. I know one less fan isn't a 
big deal to the suits, but I'm not the only one in on this 

So that is it. My timeline for a better product and live 
events back in the Maritimes is September 1, 2000. Not a 
big deal I know, but if I don't put it "out in the ethers" 
then nothing can be done about it other than me sitting and 
stewing. So, let's see if this does anything for our cause 
up here and if not, then September 1st will be a day where 
many things will be changing in my life.

Thanks for reading.

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