I know how difficult it is to find articles about 
Jim on and off the net, so I am going to try to post
any aticles or interviews that Jim does either in 
a magazine, or on the web here for your convenience.

As my time and resources are limited both on and 
off the web, I would really appreciate an email 
from any of you who have seen an article on him,
or that mentions him either on or off the web. 
If it is from a magazine, please email me the name 
and issue number of such a magazine, so I can 
try to find it to post here. If it is something from
the web, please send me a link. My email is: 
Also, these interviews do not just have to be
solely about Jim. Even the ones that just have him 
mentioned, I'd like to be notified of. Thanks :)

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February 1999 Raw Magazine Article
Jim Dotson Interview with Dallas News's Cody Monk, October 29, 1999
Jim Dotson Interview with Cody Monk, September 1,2000
Interview with the Rock about the movie, The Mummy Returns. Talks about Jim Dotson being in Morrocco with him.
October 1998 Article on Undertaker, where reporter also talks to Jim.
*NEW* Jim Talks about The Rock, from The Rock's Magazine

Various Blurbs

This is the first of a couple of blurbs that don't 
qualify as articles or interviews, but I thought
they might be interesting to some folks.

July 3, 2000 Q&A with Chris Sabga
Is the WWFs hottie head of security preparing for the ring?

The Hot Bodyguard

I was wondering, what is the name of that lead security guy 
for the WWF? I was just interested because he's one very
muscular dude and looks like he could be trouble for some 
wrestlers if he ever decided to wrestle. 

Ferdinand Novencido 

Editor Chris Sabga Answers:The guy's name is Jim Dotson. 
I believe he's a former football player. In a Raw magazine 
article from a while ago, he was asked if he'd ever step into 
the ring (because he looks as big and strong as some of the 
wrestlers). He said it probably would never happen. 

*NEW* Freaky Fans Q&A Article Mentions Jim!
*NEW* Houston, TX July 1/00 House Show Report, Jim mentioned
*NEW* Zakk Wylde Interviewed and mentions Jim & WWF!

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