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PAGE LAST UPDATED: June 27, 2001 Well, what a fitting date for this to be done. Ah! The irony of life! :) Simply hysterical really. Three people will understand what I mean by that. I'm sure they're nodding their heads! Anyways, I've decided this page is has relatively no meaning, considering the subject for which is was made and developed for no longer is in the public eye, so to speak. So, I've decided that the time has come to pare it down. As of this date, this page now only consists of this main page, and the links offered to the left. Those links are of Kabille's personal pictures--where she has so graciously given her time, effort, friendship, and least of all pictures for this page to proudly display. That will continue to be in existence as long as this page stays up, thanks to Tripod, and as long as she allows me to keep them posted. If she goes back to any wrestling events and has more pictures to add to this online collection, hopefully she'll be so kind as to allow this site to host the new ones as well. I've also kept up the Den. It is the part of this page where we host/hosted personal pictures of Jim and other wrestlers from other kind and generous fans who allowed us to act as a host to their personal pictures. Once again, to them, I say thank you. I am honoured that you've trusted me with your valuables :) And again, as long as Tripod keeps the page up and running, I'll keep the pictures up for all who want to come back and visit to view. If anyone has any new pictures they would like to contribute, or pass along to be hosted, feel free to send them in and I'll be glad to put them up for you. Thank you very much for your visiting the page. Whether you are an old friend coming back to check in on things, or if this is your first time coming across this page, I say thank you for coming and checking it out, and I'm sorry that I don't have anything more I can offer you than what is left here now. I've kept up a few of the important notices here on the main page as well, for information's sake more than anything. Thanks to all and safe travels over the web! MARCH 30, 2001 ***CONFIRMED*** It was confirmed this evening at WWF's AXXESS event by the new WWF head of security, that Jim Dotson is no longer with the company. Thank you for your patience during the past few months when everything was up in the air. It's been appreciated. MARCH 27, 2001: If something happens and tripod decides to remove pages again, I wanted to let everyone know that this page won't be put up again. If it gets deleted, it's gone. Sorry. I don't have the computer capabilities to save everything to disk, so nothing is backed up. So, that's where it stands. March 5, 2001 !!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM!!! (May it be a happy one indeed, where ever you may be, whatever you may be doing. Good thoughts and wishes at this time and all year through going out to you!) UPDATE: Put up a new page. You can only get to it right now by clicking HERE
There you can find the story of Eric meeting Jim and getting Jim to autograph his sign. (pic included)

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