Welcome to the Galleries Section of the 
ORIGINAL Jim Dotson Webpage! Thank you 
for taking the time to browse through our 
selection of pictures of Jim. Since Jim 
is the Head of Security of the World 
Wrestling Federation, and the pictures 
here are off the television shows, he is 
pictured with various WWF Wrestlers, so 
if you are looking for a specific wrestler, 
you will most likely find a picture of them
 around here too. I hope you enjoy the 
variety, and feel free to email me with 
your comments, suggestions or your own 
pictures you would like to have up on this 
page. T.V. Pictures as well as live even 
pictures are more than welcome. You can 
reach me at: icewolf@nb.sympatico.ca and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. 
Thank you!
IceWolf, Webmistress

The pictures can be found in the following galleries. 
I tried to keep the time line from earliest pics to 
the most recent pics. We will see how long that stays 
:) IceWolf


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