Freaky Fans

Every once in a while, I will see someone from the 
audience jump into the ring and get beaten up. Are 
these people actual fans and does this happen often? 
What happens to these people? 
Ben Willis

Dayton Dave Answers: There have been times when fans, 
who have become so caught up in the action, or so drunk 
their just not thinking, have tried to get into the ring 
to take care of business themselves. That is why they have 
plenty of security hired for each individual arena, as 
well as full time ring guards, like Jim Dotson, who react 
fast and swift to remove these morons. 

Just as in any announcement before a professional baseball 
or football game, they quite clearly state that it is a 
violation of law, and anyone who breaks that law will be 
subjected to criminal prosecution, usually by the arena staff
for trespassing. After a nice night in jail, the intruders 
are able to post bail, are usually fined, and barred from 
returning to that particular venue forever.