April 4, 2001
Ice Wolf's Final Note/Update to the Page:

Well, this was something I've known I'd be doing since last
September. I have had several different versions running 
through my brain in the months since, and, I still don't think 
this will be exactly what I wanted, so, I'm reserving the right 
to modify if it bugs me enough.
At first, I was going to simply blow things up in this letter. 
And believe me, it would have been messy for a good many people.
I'm leaning away from that at this point, and figuring I'll let
things die a natural death, as it appears things with Jim and 
the WWF have.
I do realize there are a few things I have to address, so 
hopefully, I can now.
Many people can't seem to fathom how I can say the things I 
say, often times as flippantly as I tend to say them, when, 
if I haven't met anyone, how could I possibly? I'm ALWAYS 
flippant and sarcastic, and in my original postings, and in 
most of what I've said, you really have to read between the 
lines. I've been deliberately obtuse. I've had to be. It's kept
me with a semblance of sanity while online. It's never been a 
secret though what I think. I've never kept my opinions a 
secret. The thing that was never said until now, is that my 
opinions, thoughts, sarcastic barabs, etc, were all rooted deep 
in fact. Facts that are only known to a precious few, and will 
stay that. Hate to tell you, but, I'll be just as obtuse, and 
opinionated with this too. :)  As there are a few things that 
I wanted to address, but not really clear up before this all 
comes down. 
I have had many people emailing me, rather accusilatory, and 
ask me how I can first of all have a page up to someone I've 
never met (Look around folks. There are literally millions of 
webpages done by people who have never met, or worked with the 
things they have built a webpage for! It's not all that shocking, 
or hard to understand). That ususally leads to questions from 
different people, along very similar lines.
One of the first questions most people ask me is:
"Why do you have this page up and who do you think you are for 
doing it?" My answer? "I am no one. I am simply someone who had
their interest piqued by something, and wanted to make sure 
others knew about it too." There are many things I've done wrong 
with regards to this page, and Jim himself. Live and learn I 
guess you could say. 
The next thing they tend to ask/say is:
"You say things as if you know him, and yet you say on your 
page you've never met him." 
My answer? "True. true, and quite true."  It is true we never 
formally met each other. We passed each other a couple of times, 
and stood basically nose to nose, but, nope, never "met" him. 
The one thing I will finally admit to, is that we have talked 
on the phone. I said nothing about it because, well, it's a 
personal thing, which I refuse to post about on this page, and 
also, who needed to know? It left him a bit open as well, and
I wasn't going to do that to him. Now that he's not around, 
He can't be hurt by the revelation. So, there's the long and 
the short of it. Nope. Never met him. Yep, I have talked to 
him. *shrugs* I made decisions about personal issues and 
information not being put on this page LONG before we talked, 
so, there really wasn't anything I could have posted about 
that ANYWAYS, or else, I would have broken my own rule! :) 
Ain't it a bitch when you back yourself into a corner? heheh
Some of the more recent questions I've been fielding are:
"Is Jim still even with the WWF?" 
Ah! My pat answer since Christmas has been..."I'm sorry, but, 
I have no confirmation is he is, or is not still with the WWF. 
I'm sorry. My personal opinion is that he is not, but, until 
I can get absolute confirmaiton from WWF, I can only tell you 
to do what I'm doing...make your own conclusions."
"Is Jim so sick that he's still out, or is he gone?"
My pat answer: "I'm unsure as to how Jim's health is at this 
point. I do know that at the beginning of things way back in 
the fall, he was out with an illness of some kind. As to 
whether or not his still not being around is related to his 
health, I'm sorry, but, I do not know."
"Did Jim leave of his own accord, or was he released/fired?"
My pat answer: "Your guess is as good as mine." Personal 
opinion (and yes, that word is OPINION folks) is that he 
was released at, or near the end of December.
"Why haven't you posted any updates on this on the page?"
My pat answer: "I don't have anything concrete to post. I've 
tried all the routes I had available to me, including calling 
the office right up until the end of February. They would say
nothing, including if he was still an employee or not. 
*shrugs* Not much more you can do when you can talk to the 
office and get nothing." I've never been a rumour monger, 
or poster. I've never posted anything on this page that wasn't 
the truth as I've known it. I refused to put up personal details, 
and I feel no need to start over this. There was no way I was 
going to post on the page, "Jim's gone" if it didn't come from
WWF. It would only have served to defeat my intentions with 
this page.
The questions I've fielded since posting the confirmation 
he's no longer with the WWF are mainly concerned with what 
are Jim's plans now, and is he working for/with anyone else. 
My newest pat answer, and the only answer I can tell you at
this point in time is, "I don't have a fucking clue. Sorry."
The only things I can think of for you to do is this: 
1)Any time you go to a concert, look around. You just never 
know who may have hired some "outlaw security" and 2)He 
probably won't be wanting to tour again right away, so, 
if you know anyone who lives in Tennessee and are going to 
a concert, or show there, ask them to keep an eye out 
for ya! :)
There are so many people that I wanted to literally bury. I've 
been a busy bee this past year. I sent off information packages, 
and I know they were forwarded to the appropriate people, 
but, who am I to do it here? I do want to say though, that 
there are a great number of people online who live in their 
own little (dream) worlds when it comes to wrestling, and more 
speifically wrestlers. What you see isn't always what you get, 
and there isn't much that can be done online about that. I 
could come on here and tell you things 90% of the people that 
visit pages such as mine want to know, but, it's not my 
information to tell. It would do exactly what I have wanted to
do though, basically shut down those who say they 'know'. 
*shrugs* I guess I'm going soft in my old age, as I still 
refuse to do that. Perhaps at a later date, I'll be unable to 
hold my tongue and let people have it. Jus remember, don't 
believe a word you read, see, or hear. Draw your own 
conclusions. You do anyways, so why should this be any different?
Just remember, those people online that are eager to tell you 
who and what they know, beware. They usually know jack shit 
about who or what they claim to know. It's those who say nothing,
know nothing, and do nothing that know the most. Also, those 
that tell you they know so and so through such and such and so,
and so... *shrugs* believe what you want and need to believe, 
but, I can't imagine that many people so close are so loose 
lipped! Just a litle pit to ponder. :) 
It's been an interesting trip online this time around. 
Have to say! I've met some nice, really great people, and I've
met some really nasty rude assholes. Needless to say, emails 
on this note and the subject of Jim probably won't be returned. 
I figure, this part of my life has come to a close. It's time 
to pick up and move on. I've been doing that since September of 
last year anyways, so, I'm already 3/4 of the way out the door.
A few final thank yous are in order here though.
1)Thanks to Kim and Rodney for the pictures, the phone calls, 
and the smiles. The last things you did for me, you didn't even
know you did. They were the best thingw you could have done in 
the long run. So, for that, I thank you! :)
2)Thanks to BM. Mainly for putting up with me. :P (Especially 
this summer) But, also for allowing me the freedom to make 
some rather dubious choices, and even go so far as to support 
them, and even go along (under coersion of course! hehe) Some 
of them turned out well, some didn't. Thanks for keeping me as 
rooted as only you can!
3) TO DM: *sigh* I thought I only had one or two reasons to be 
pissed at you that night. I was wrong. Add another one to the 
list. :)
4)Thanks to Jim himself. Also, for mainly putting up with me. 
I'll be the first to admit I've pulled a few good ones on you 
this year. And yet, you took them as best you could in your 
stride. Commendable! Sorry if you got in trouble, man, I heard 
he was really cranky! hehehe. I'll tell ya, I'm just glad I did
what I did, though, when I did. Things would have been a little
harder to deal with if I hadn't have scared the hell out of ya! :P 
My only wish is that by being out of the viscious touring schedule,
things start settling down, and you can get back to heart, and 
home, and center once more. Perhaps you'll show up again 
somewhere, somtime, though, I'm sure you're hoping not! HAHAHAHA
Best wishes for health and happiness always.
I've decided that this page will stay up, though, no longer be
updated, (unless absolutely amazing events unfold that 
necessitate it) Since Jim's gone, there is nothing to update it
with anyway! Needless to say, there will not be any new 
pictures coming from the WWF, or personal pictures if he's no 
longer with the company. I've decided that I won't delete it. 
If tripod deletes it, fine. Until then, it will stay up as it 
is now, until it naturally fades to black.
Take care out there in cyber-space