I'd like you to take a look through these sites at your
convenience. I have tried to list them in different 
categories to make things easier. Please email me
 if you have any  questions or concerns regarding 
these links. Thank you.

IceWolf, Webmistress of The ORIGINAL Jim Dotson Webpage

General Wrestling Pages or Pages dedicated to Multiple Wrestlers

The following links are in Alphabetical Order. 
Just because they are listed here, does not mean
that I personally visit or regularly visit. Just
becuase they are listed, does not mean I endorse 
them. Thank you.

The Black Widow--Inderpendent Women's Wrestler
Lady Lex and Tango's Battelzone
(not one I personally visit.) Lashana's Ranch
The First Mike Awesome Website
Official Women of Wrestling Website
(kinda sluttish) Thalia's Tomb of the Mummy
Tyger's Wrestling Lair
Loads of pictures from all three wrestling Federations. Karen's Grandmaster Sexay's Fan & Tribute Site
Godfather's Girls
WWF's Bradshaw Fan Site
Marta's Wrestling Fanatic Site
Storm's Children Of The Night, dark wrestlers website
(formerly the Brides of Kane site) Please feel free to email me if any of the above links no longer works, or if you'd like to submit a site as a general wrestling link at: icewolf@nb.sympatico.ca thanks!


The following sites are in homage to the Phenom, 
the WWF's Underatker. Again, just because I have them
listed, does not mean I like, visit or endorse these
in any way.

These are NOT in any specific order.

Tribes of the Moon
Book of Death
Northwitch's Domain
Jayda Blackrose's Crypt of the Undertaker and Kane
The Undertaker: Death Becomes Him>
Tomb of the Dark Forsaken
The Goddess Boudoir (Discussion Forum)
Sabretooth's Corrupted Crypt
The Keep
Please email me at: icewolf@nb.sympatico.ca if any of the above links no longer work, or if you'd like to submit a site as a link. Thank you.