YES! There IS a place where fans can talk about Jim.

There is a web-based service called onelist/e-groups,
that you can sign up with for free. Once signed up,
you can join other web-users who share the
same interests as you and talk to one another as a 
group, via email. I made a list for fans to get
together and talk about Jim, WWF happenings, and other
WWF susperstars. I encourage anyone who is 
interested to sign up and join our small and quiet,
yet, friendly group.

There are MANY different kinds of lists
you can sign up for once you are a registered user. 
There are ones there for Steve Austin, The Rock,
Undertaker, Kane and even Vince McMahon!! 
There are also many non-wrestling related lists you 
can sign up for on any topic imaginable. So, join up
for the jimdotsonfans list via the link below, and 
you will open the door to many new people, places 
and interests.

Please, take the time when you sign on to the list,
to write a small email saying hello, so every one can 
welcome you on board. Hope to see you on the list soon!
Webmistress and Moderator of jimdotsonfans list


Simply enter the email address you wish to have the list mail sent to, to join us! See you in my inbox soon!

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Feel free to email me with any questions about the list, 
onelist or how it works: Email IceWolf
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