Ok, well its been a while since I have told this 
story cause pretty much I've told this story to everyone, 
and no one wants to hear the story again! A while back not
long ago probably 2 months ago, I went to a Smackdown taping. 
I've been a Jim Dotson as all of you are aware of for quite some time now, so I made a Jim Dotson sign (see the pic). 
As I took my seat in the arena ( three rows away from 
the ring!) I looked for Jim but he was no where to be seen, 
since they were only taping Heat. After heat, I saw the 
Big Guy come out. Now as all of you know that Smackdown is
taped on Tuesday, well the day before I had also gone to Raw. 
I unfortunately did not have my Jim sign, but everytime Jim 
would be on my side I would scream his name out, and everytime
he turn around I would raise my hands and give him 
thumbs up (lol). So he was bound to remember me. 

So there I was at the Smackdown taping, Jim was hanging out
with that old guy that sometimes takes over for him when 
he's not there. So I raised my sign, but Jim had his back 
to me, but for some reason the other guy turned, and saw me 
and told Jim to turn around. When he did I raised my sign 
even higher, and he kind of just stared for a while, and
grinned, and raised his right arm in acknowledgement! 

Well I was pretty much amped from then on. Then during a commercial break he was on my side, and I raised my sign again, and he once again saw me and said, "raise the sign when the TVs go on". I was like man thats twice he's spotted me. Now whenever I go to events I always take sharpies just in case. 

There was a event staff there, and I had been talking to him 
throughout the night so I was in good terms with him. So I
asked him if I could ask Jim for an autograph and his exact
words were " go ahead I aint lookin'". When I heard that I 
had an adrenaline rush cause I was about to walk in front of approximately 20,000 people and to top it off that girl that
plays Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World was there, also 
Jerry O'Connell was there and then the guy from the Green 
Mile was there too. 

Well I made my way up to Jim who was talking to that other guy.
As I approached him, I was nervous as hell! But I got there 
and then I felt like everyone in the arena was watching me. 
But as I said "Jim?" the arena blacked out for me, I asked him 
with hesitation if i couls have his autograph. He looked at me 
and saw my sign, and I guessed he recognized me from the day 
before, and took my sharpie and signed my sign in big letters
"Big Jim Dotson". Now I had gotten his autograph at Axxess 
before WM 16 and he only signed it Big Jim, so I was stoked 
out of my mind when he signed his full name. 

Afetr he finished signing he said "thanks for the support man", 
and I reached out my hand, and he shook it. It was awesome. 
After that the arena came back to life and as I walked back 
to my seat I raised my sign for everyone to see. For everyone 
to see this relic that I now owned. After that I became an even 
more hardcore Jim Dotson fan. And Icewolf tells me that Im the 
first person that has actually gotten an autograph from him 
while on the job so that made the event more worthwhile. 
(ICEWOLF'S NOTE: From all other accounts I've heard from people,
he makes a point of staying"on the job" and has told people he
can't/won't have his pic taken, or sign during the show's

Now Im going to WM 17, and I hope that I will be able 
to top what happened at that Smackdown taping. 

Well thats my story and Im sticking to it. If you don't 
believe it, just look at the sign. I wish I had a picture
 of him signing it but I dont take cameras to events because
 I hate carrying the bulky things. 

Well thats my tale, if you have any questions just email IceWolf via the link below. She'll forward the emails on to me.
Thats pretty much all that happened. Oh well laters.

"I'll show you what hard times are all about"-
-Big Boss Man


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