Crossection's Fork In The Road

*This one is for Owen Hart and his family. 
Rest In Peace Owen, you'll forever be missed!*


We travelled down
This long hard road together.
Didn't we see it all?
We had our laughs
and we had our disappointments,
But we could sure stand tall.
I let you see
the dreams that kept me going
That seemed to lighten the load.
But how was I to know what would be coming?
Another fork in the road.

You say it's time for moving on,
That your chapter here is through.
Time to break new ground.
You can bet my heart weeps gently,
as you smile and say goodbye,
I guess I'll see you around.

A friend is often, 
Oh so hard to come by.
I was hoping this would last.
But destinies lack patience,
and visions need to breathe.
Time just slips by too fast.

So I'll pray for you
on this road that you have chosen.
May your faith not fall.
And I'll keep my eyes
fixed on the gates of Heaven
Where we will stand up tall.
One less fork in the road.